29 August 2009

Moving In to Welcome Week

About yesterday~ish, my Chair and I packed up and went back to school. We are currently lounging in our spacious room, listening to the roomie and her boyfriend just chat about nothing. They also have music playing. I'm sure they don't mind that I'm listening to them. Besides, I'm not paying much attention.

So I am mostly unpacked. Nothing is in a suitcase or anything, but there are small things to get yet. Like a bin for my things on the shelf, so it looks organized. We're planning to do something with a shelf built into the wall, but we're not sure yet. And there is the remains of a fireplace ~ no longer able to be used because of fire hazards. That does not eliminate any possibilities of garland and stockings at Christmas, though. Which means we'll probably decorate for other holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, and Easter. And we're totally cool for sharing stuff. I have a giant tub of hot cocoa to drink and she lurves hot cocoa.

I had my vocal "audition" earlier today. It's not an official audition, I think, so I wasn't too nervous. Plus, it was all of five minutes, so I wasn't too worried about my performance. I trust my voice is good enough for a decent placement somewhere. They asked about my attending the vocal class, which will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I think I told them I wasn't sure if I was open or not but yes, I would be willing to do that as well. All in all, they seemed to really like my voice, so I'm now enlightened.

After my audition, I wandered the music section of the Humanities building to find the choral board for Tangled Up In Blue or Redefined, but got lost, walked in circles, and gave up. I guess sign up sheets aren't up yet. So now I'm going to spend some of my time thinking about my favorite popular song and how I would sing that for an audition. I should also ask my friend (codename AlEB) about the commitment. I have to leave time for writing and studying and a social life. But extraciriculars might make up for a social life. It's still nice to know when they meet and if I'll have to switch my work schedule around or not.

Lots of fun stuff around the dorms the first few weeks. Welcome Week is always fun. There's a Target shopping adventure tonight, so the roomie and I are going to that. It should be fun! I can't wait.

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