16 July 2011

Saturday Morning Adventure

Today's adventure is brought to you by my roommates Rick and Far.

Last night, Rick asked if I wanted to get a work out and help the community by helping her pull up wild parsnip in a park this morning. I said sure, why not, and she said "we're leaving the house by 8:30a."

This morning we left at 8:30a. Far drove us and on the way, he commented about his clutch, but I wasn't paying attention because his car is loud and the scenery was unfamiliar so I was looking at that.

But we get to the park where there was less wild parsnip pulling than anticipated. You see, Rick volunteered to help a to-be Eagle Scout for his project since her internship project is in the same area anyway. And when we met with the Eagle Scout and the guy who maintains the trails, there was significantly less parsnip-pulling than I thought and more of a general "This is my idea. Let's work out the nitty-gritty details." More of a survey of the area and a discussion on what they can do and how they'll do it. And me, having little if any interest in any of this, pulled out my phone and started playing cribbage. Indeed, I'm that classy.

I did, however, pull up one parsnip plant. My duty was done, and Rick laughed when I told her so.

While we were out, Far's clutch completely gave out on his way back to the house. He called his dad who we'll call Mr. Far. Mr. Far and Far came to pick us up when we were done. Then we drove to Far's car, hooked it up to the back of Mr. Far's van, and towed the car all the way to the next town where Mr. Far lives. And it is at the Far House where the car will be fixed over the weekend.

While at the Far House, we chatted for a bit, mostly about how they'll fix the car and how we'll get back home. Mrs. Far is making part of a costume for Rick for a Renaissance wedding in September. So the women will be doing that while the boys tinker with the car. Oh happy day. In any case, we lunched on enchiladas before Mr. Far dropped Rick and I back at the house. Rick has to do something at the library and I really have no purpose in being at the Far House. I mean, I only brought my phone with me. It only lasts for so long, you know?

And that was my roundabout adventure of the day.

10 July 2011


I consider myself a child of Google. Sort of. A lot of my Google-usage has been in college, but that's the stage in life where you experiment with everything and the kitchen sink, right? So when Google announced Google+, I had to try it out. And so, I venture into another realm of social networking.

I really hope Google+ takes off. But you know, social networking sites come and go. Remember when MySpace was big? I never really had one, but I had a xanga, the first of all the blog sites. Then there was Facebook. And now Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. These things keep on evolving. And every time something new is introduced, people seem to hop it like a kid at Christmas. Because, really, that's kind of what it is. Look Internet, here's a brand new toy for you to play with!

I admit kid-at-Christmas, although a cliche phrase, accurately describes my current attitude towards +. I want to know how this will work once people settle into it and start using it for their everyday lives. Then I'll give a full and accurate review on it. Or something. I'm not really a tech person. So, like any blogger, I'll just give my opinion on it and continue on with my life, with or without +.

One day, I hope there comes a social networking site that outlasts them all. Don't you think it'll be neat to have a social networking site where you can creep on your parents while they were in college to see all the stupid stuff they did? It would put a perspective to life, I think. Look, here's my mom drunk at a party. Wow, I did that exact same thing last weekend. Or maybe something like should be left better for a personal epiphany looking through old photos. But wait, that's what Facebook already does, doesn't it?

Even so, I hope it's Google that outlasts them all. Those guys seriously kick butt. I use them for everything!

08 July 2011

I need this shirt:

This one, in case you were wondering:
"I hope I am a good enough writer that some day dwarves will kill me and drink my blood for wisdom"
The link for said shirt can be found here, in case you wanted to get one for yourself. Also, check out this guy's blog, because he's absolutely HILARIOUS!!! Seriously, I've been laughing at it for about two hours now. It was hilarious after half a bottle of wine and some vodka, and it's still hilarious after two hours of copious amounts of water.

Which is to say that no matter what state you're in, you're going to laugh your butt off.

And why isn't this viral yet? Seriously? Something this awesome and only less than 500 people are following him? That's just insane. Internet, you disappoint me.

03 July 2011

Fly Away Home

I apparently saw Fly Away Home in theaters when I was little. I don't remember seeing it in the theater, but I have had a soft spot for it all my life. So last night, it was on really late at night and I stayed up to watch it.
Mom went to bed, our friend of the family goes to bed, and I'm all alone in a dark living room. Just me and the movie. And then my brother comes home.

"What are you watching?" he asks.

"Fly Away Home."

"Is it a sad movie?" He gestures to his face to show that I don't look all right.

"No, but I always c-cry at the end." I gesture to the TV to show that a teenager leading her flock of geese in a small plane to a reservation that'll be destroyed for development if she doesn't show up is the most moving thing ever.

Did I mention she flies the last leg by herself because her father crashes in his plane? And then she has a crowd of people banking on her arrival at the reserve? And she doesn't even know the way save for the quick instructions of her dad and the frantic motions of some ladies on a street in a small town. And you know how far she's come from the girl mourning her mother to being the mother of a flock of geese. And her father had just told her she's like her mother who didn't let anything get in the way of her dreams either. Seriously, it's enough to make anybody weep.

Here is the song played in the final scene. Just this alone is enough to make me cry.

01 July 2011

Happy Canada Day

According to a girl at work (who lived in Canada for the better part of her childhood), one day, the United Kingdom asked Canada if they wanted to be their own independent nation. And Canada said, "Okay. That'll be great." And that's how Canada broke off from the UK.

Happy Canada Day, everybody!

This is by no means an accurate account of actual events. The story expressed in this post are for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken seriously. So go ahead and have a little laugh.