20 October 2011

Warm Penguin is Warm

I can't get enough from this picture:

According to this article from Animal Tracks on Today, a knitting shop in New Zealand called out for local knitters to knit sweaters for blue penguins who get caught in oil spills. The shop is called Skeinz based in Napier, New Zealand (link to Skeinz home page).

I find this adorable and heartwarming. New Zealand's TV3 News says there are now more than enough sweaters for the penguins (link to TV3 News Report).

Here are some more pictures of penguins wearing sweaters.


All together now:


14 October 2011

Life's Too Short

  • to read bad books
  • to listen to your parents
  • to hold back at karaoke night
  • to NOT kick your roommate in the balls
  • to clean your room
  • to panic
  • to under-appreciate everything you have
  • to listen to just one album at a time
  • to silence your inner child
  • to do homework
  • to not post on your tumblr/twitter/blogger/etc.
  • to worry what others think of you if you sing on the street
  • to not hum to yourself
  • to not submit your story to the journal
  • to anger your cat
  • to play fair
  • to finish a crossword puzzle
  • to live cheaply
  • to drink cheap booze
  • to scare your cats from the counter
  • for writer's block
  • to live in a plain room
  • to not buy that piece of jewelry
  • to make excuses
  • to say no to anime
  • to walk past the man with a "FREE HUGS" sign
  • to cancel the furry convention
If life is but a dream, it better be lucid.

08 October 2011

PubCom Challenge

When I'm not doing schoolwork, I spend the majority of my time with the organization WUD Publications Committee, that which we call PubCom. WUD stands for Wisconsin Union Directorate and is pretty much the umbrella organization for all student programming in the Union, including the outdoor and recreation clubs, the movies shown at Union South, the programming for the Union Theater, the bands that perform on one of three stages, etc etc etc. PubCom spearheads the literary aspect of this with three online journals, a creative writing workshop, and four printed journals. It's a big group.

My own involvement includes leading two things: the creative writing workshop Working Title and the fiction blog UW Flash Fiction. In addition, I participate in weekly PubCom meetings and only recently signed up to help with a scary storytelling event for Halloween. It's a busy life, but I love it.

Last meeting, we were introduced to two programs that will help us students on a professional level. The first is a mentorship program that partners an interested PubCom member with a professional in the field they wish to go into, and it doesn't have to be in publishing. The second is a program that will help interested members build a professional portfolio. This second program is called the PubCom Challenge, which also suggests it's a bit of a competition. I will admit I suggested we have awards at the end of the school year for most professional, best design, most content, etc. Awards add to the "challenge" that comes with the name.

What does this mean for me and this blog? My plan is to use this already existing blog in my own professional portfolio. That means one of two things will happen to this site. The first is that it goes over such extreme renovations you won't even recognize it anymore. Well, you might, but there's the possibility that it won't be recognizable. The second is that it will be discarded altogether for me to start from scratch and create a new space for myself.

This is just a warning, so you readers know. If you suddenly see a tab with my resume/CV and another with things I've designed and yet another specifically for writing samples (both creative and professional), don't be alarmed. I'm a senior on the cusp of graduation, and something like this may or may not be helpful for my future career.

Speaking of careers, I have an interview with the senior editor at Tor Books on Monday. As in, an interview for an internship. An internship under the senior editor at Tor Books.

Life is a field of opportunities. If you look for the right ones, you will find them.