08 August 2009

Pontiacs and Social Experiments

First off, we got a Pontiac Vibe. Good car. I like Pontiacs.

Because it's Saturday, I decided to head out with a friend, codename TC. I told him I would pick him up in the new car. He liked it and we arrived at Barnes and Noble. Funny things ensued. We found a book called "Unwind" that was really interesting. About an America where children aren't touched until the age 13. Between the ages of 13 and 18, their parents can choose to have their children "unwound", that is, their organs donated to another who needs it. As interesting as that book sounds, I bought another book because it's "big and thick and made for adults." Think about that a moment.

Afterward, we ended up at the local DQ. We ate outside and watched cars drive by. It didn't talk long until we started waving at them. When only one out of a good many waved, I decided to document this as a "social experiment". I recorded how many cars waved back to TC, how many looked but didn't do anything, and how many didn't look at all.

Didn't look means we did not see the driver or passengers turn to look our way. Look means we did see them turn their heads.

Our results:

No Look: 29
Look: 2
Wave/Reaction: 1 (honk)

Comments in notebook:

TC wanted to pretend to puke with his very milky (at that point) soft serve to see how many would swerve to avoid him. He decided against it. Besides, the stains of old attempts would have been seen on the pavement.

We gave leeway to the guy who drove by in a Mini Cooper . . . just because it's a Mini Cooper. Those things kick ass.

It was determined by both of us that the annoying guy driving by on a moped is NOT on a boat like he was singing. If he were on a boat, he would have a car, and even then he wouldn't be in a car cause he'd be on a boat!

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