21 August 2009

The Inspiration of Dreams

What inspires you to write?

I tend to accumulate a conglomerate of ideas. These ideas come out of nowhere. What would it be like to fly among the clouds? The idea of buses and how they operate. Islands floating in the sky because the ground is either stuff of legend or uninhabitable. Pretty soon, I have a fantasy setting involving a group of islands. Now that I know where things are taking place, what about characters? Since I think characters make themselves when it comes to plot, then I should think of a plot. What will go on in this setting? I don't know, but if all else fails, I throw in a rebellion.

This is a slow process for me. My fastest stories are almost always based on dreams.

Every once in a while, I have a dream that seems more like a story than a dream. I once dreamt Uma Thurman was the last hope for a small family so she piloted a white robot until she died. Another dream featured children on what my mind acknowledged as the moon (despite the endless fields of leafy bushes and the Rockies on the horizon) and how some organization wanted to experiment on their minds for research on psyhic powers. Another dream featured a girl in a train station imbedded into the base of a mountin. She wanted to visit her sister, but an attendent wanted her to visit Mount Kilimanjaro because he believed she to possess special powers that will activate the mountain.

I didn't write the last one as a story, but I still find it interesting.

What inspires me to write? The need to daydream, a fascination with daily themes, and dreams.

What inspires you to do what you do?

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