13 August 2009

New Schooling Issue: Going Abroad

Two weeks until I move back to school. Five days until I'm done with work. I can't wait for my single week of summer. This semester's goal: Research Study Abroad. Applications aren't due until early October, which means I really have to move my butt!

I was encouraged to check out scholarships, grants, and programs from other schools. I'm interested in Oshkosh, but I might also see Steven's Point, Green Bay, and Minnesota (Twin Cities). I'm fairly open as long as I get the program I want. Brussels is still wanted, but Gelway is looking really interested too.

I can justify the expense for Gelway, though. It's in Ireland, and students like to travel. At least half of the total comes from other expenses, travel included. So airfare will take up a big part of expense if I go to Gelway. But it might be a cheaper program.

Another interested program is a summer class in Paris on film, but that's debatable at this point.

Prague is the cheapest so far, but there are different programs for that and I only looked at one. Soeul was another one, but judging by Mom's expression, she doesn't like the fact that its Korea. Sapporo would be great, but I doubt I'll be excepted since they take preference to students who studied Japanese first. And England would be nice, so I'll have to research those programs more.

Ah, if only this were easier!! Or maybe it's just me. Meh . . .

PASSPORT! I need a passport.

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