03 September 2009

This Scar Better be Awesome

In which I go to college and kind of lose inspiration. Isn't that wonderful?

And what's more, I cut my finger at work. It's kind of gross but kind of cool at the same time. Mom said that nothing is cool and gross at the same time ~ I beg to differ. Yes, going to the hospital alone was kind of frightening, but I got through it. And now that I've talked about it, I can think about it without tearing up anymore.

For some reason, I'm the sort of person who feels emotional and understands why well after the episode. I guess I'm too analytical when it comes to something like that, or the habit of constantly asking myself "Why?"

Why am I crying? Because I've waited an hour to get my finger fixed and now the blood is too clotted for stitches, which I would feel much more comfortable with instead of this dinky clear band-aid. But I'm not about to argue with a doctor. I'm just a ComArts and English student. What do I know about medical science and treatment?

Mostly what my mom taught me and what I learned in books, but that wasn't supposed to be answered.

I'd post a picture, but it's covered in band-aids. At least for now. Until the skin meshes back together. When that happens, I am anticipating a pretty awesome scar.

What's your favorite scar?

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