25 August 2009

A Great Many Things

A great many things are happening in my personal life. It does not seem like a great many things, but I'm deciding to be simple for the sake of saying "a great many things. . . ." Simple many things these are, but they are great in numbers.

The major thing is that I'm moving on Friday. Which means I'm starting to pack away clothes before realizing that I should save some for the days leading up to Friday. But don't worry --- someone was nice enough to deliver a batch of freshly laundered clothes to remind me. Unfortunately, I packed away my underwear before I did this. Oh, brilliance, wherefore art thou gallavanting away from my mental workings?

Speaking of clothes, I wonder where my bag of new clothes went. I didn't get many new clothes. My cousin was nice enough to give me a few coupons for a couple stores, and Mom naturally gets sweat deals from Kohl's. But I got a couple pairs of shorts the other day, and I have no idea where they went. So I have to scour my room for a missing Kohl's bag. Darn packing mess.

I forgot to tell my roommate I have a small white cabinet thing. I use it to store the printer, and whatever goes in the drawers varies. Currently, there is an assembly manual in the drawer, and a duvet in the door.

I am currently home alone. Normally, I would bee line to the piano for a performance to myself, but there is packing to be had and lost clothes to be found. And Shinedown to be listened. Heard? Anyway, I'm currently listening to Shinedown. I couldn't tell you my favorite songs besides the fact that I like "Second Chance". And that Cyanide something-something Suicide song was pretty good.

So much to get done, I don't know where to start. Perhaps the clothes. Wait for me, Cool New Shorts, because I am coming! I promise!

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