12 November 2011

A Satisfying Good Meal

Just because I am a poor college student doesn't mean I eat like one.

Some people have standards. Mine for food are quite high.
What I made:
pork chop marinated in apple cinnamon barbecue sauce
homemade mashed potatoes
sage flavored stuffing
and a glass of milk for chase it down

Where it came from:
pork chops from the store, frozen in a freezer for a few weeks (I freeze all my meats so they can last)
potatoes were in the drawer. They keep very well, so they've been around for a while
stuffing from a box
milk from a jug

End Results:
The pork chops were good. They were so thick, so I had them cook on medium-low heat while the potatoes boiled. I flavored them with a new seasoning mom told me to get, and I liked the end result. The potatoes could have used butter or gravy or another type of flavoring, they were quite bland. And not mashed that well. But it was my first time, so I forgive myself. The stuffing was great! I love stuffing. I need to start making stuffing for every meal. And I love milk. Milk and stuffing for dinner tomorrow? Perhaps.

Nope, sorry. It's all really easy to make -- the trick was juggling everything.

01 November 2011

Traitorous Cats!

So my little brother and his roommate came to visit for Halloween weekend.

The first night they stayed over, Squee (the friendly cat) walked out from my roommate (codename) Rick and slept at my little brother's feet. I'm sure Lil Bro was slightly nervous about this, being eye-swellingly allergic to cats, but at least his feet were warm.

In any case, Rick walks out to see her cat sleeping with the guest and she makes and goes "Traitor!" Because Squee always sleeps with Rick. And if he doesn't sleep with Rick because she's not around, he sleeps with me.

And Squee looks back at her like "What? I do what I want; I'm a freaking cat."

So the moral of the story is, your cats may or may not sell you out for no discernible reason. Disheartening, isn't it?