07 March 2011

Microfiction Monday (6)

Microfiction Monday is hosted by Susan on Stony River. The goal is to write a story in less than 140 characters (or one tweet) based upon the picture given each week. The second goal is to prove that I really do exist and on occasion pop into the blogosphere to misspell "occasion" on my first try.

"Lord Jensen has supposedly been missing for five years. I know where he is, but I won't tell you unless you do something for me."

Weekly News:
- finished writing the rough draft of a story I started out of the blue at the library. I wrote the entire thing on Google Docs, which I found helpful because I didn't obsess over how many pages it was. The next goal is finding a title for it.
- mentioned to friend (super secret) codename Herb that Google Docs would be a wonderful tool to collaborate on. She agreed and started a something, added me as an editor, and then we let our friend (super secret) codename Autumn in on it as well. Just for fun at the moment, and the concept Herb started is really interesting. Herb's ability to think this stuff up, Autumn's ability to play with fairy tale conventions, and my own  . . . contribution I guess, should add up to something fun to both write and read. 
- this is the last week before Spring Break. I have a midterm in American film, Emily Dickinson's poems to read, the usual load for creative writing, and must start filming a light journal on Monday. Not as bad as last week, but I can haz spring brek now plz?
- Have you heard about the YA Mafia? Holly Black, John Scalzi, and Beth Revis all talked about and defunct the whole concept. No, you cannot get you career ruined by some YA Mafia. John Scalzi's post has a very funny conversation.
- Katy Perry's new song sounds like a YA paranormal romance. (now that I retrieved that link, I'm going to have that song my head all night.) 
- Two more points and I make it into the magical number *7* (ooooooo)
- Phones don't die in Britain; they go "flat". I learned this upon my return to the States. It would have been so much more helpful knowing this over there. People always gave me strange looks when I said "My phone is dying."

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  1. Nice microfiction entry. There's definitely a story in there waiting to get out. Intriguing.


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