31 March 2011

If I had an ereader . . .

 . . . I would want an iPad. For these reasons:

--> I really have no idea how often I would use a Kindle or a Nook. I'm a girl that visits the library whenever she's out of things to read, and I don't know of any ebook library system. Someone should get on that.

--> Likewise, if I find myself not reading ebooks on my ereader, the iPad has a plethora of other applications to promote its use. The most prominent for me are casual games (like Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds). There's also Internet access, music, movies, and a notepad feature for writing.

--> iPads make excellent computer substitutes for travel. That means I wouldn't have to lug my giant laptop around in a backpack. Or remove any personal computers through airport security. Or worry about snapping a harddrive in half. Not like the latter is going to happen, but it was a worry of mine when I was in Europe. A prominent worry.

I've heard arguments that the iPad isn't good for reading in the sunlight. My friend has an iPad and she says that she simply turns down the screen brightness and doesn't have a problem anymore. That's good enough for me as a solution. And really, I don't know how often I'll be reading outside anyway. Whenever I'm outside, I'm doing something, either in transit between two locations or with friends. Or writing in a notebook. Or watching the wind surfers on the lake (there is usually ice cream involved with this one).

Also, I love me some Plants vs. Zombies.

My parents recently asked if I wanted a Nook, and I told them the truth --- that I don't know how often I would use it therefore I don't know if it will be worth the purchase. I told them that if they were planning on buying one for me that they should hold off because of this. For all I know, it could just sit around and collect dust, or I could love it to death. But the fact that this is an unknown makes me hesitant in getting one.

If there was some sort of system that could rent out ebooks for a month, I would try it out. I'm not opposed to ereaders, I'm just not sure how I would use them in my daily life.

I should propose my iPad idea to them. Doubt they'd buy into it, but at least now I have a goal if I acquire any excess money. Or I can ask for it for a birthday present. Or a Christmas present. Or even better, a graduation present!

So tell me world, what is your ereader opinion?


  1. There is an ebook library system.

    There is a website (www.overdrive.com, but I'm sure there are others too) where you can look up which libraries in your area check out ebooks. As long as you have an ereader that you can load them on (so, not the Kindle) and a card to that library, you can check out ebooks.

    But I understand why you'd want an iPad. That's a good goal. You should aim for that.

  2. Thanks for the comment. What would prevent the Kindle from working with renting ebooks from a library? Is it not compatible with that sort of thing?

  3. Great post! I love your blog! I've given you an award!! You can pick it up from my blog: http://www.margokelly.blogspot.com

  4. E-books vary in format, and Amazon has their own format which is incompatible with the ones libraries use. I think you can borrow library e-books with a Nook, however. Kindle users can lend some books to each other, but not all books are lendable.

  5. What Sandra said. Yes, you can borrow library ebooks with the nook (which is why I went with a nook over a Kindle). And the nook has a lend thing going as well.

    I did a bit of research on this before committing to a nook. I think I made the right choice for me. (Although, I still think the iPad is cool.)


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