09 March 2011

An Evening with Patrick Rothfuss

Wise Man's Fear continues the story of Kvothe introduced in The Name of the Wind. Expelled from the University, Kvothe travels into Vintas where his reputation as a hero grows bigger than before.

As some of you may already know, Patrick Rothfuss is touring the nation promoting his new book Wise Man's Fear. Last Tuesday, my city had the pleasure of hosting him for a night. We also got to see little Oot open the show and not want to leave his dada. Pat attempted to get him to say something into the microphone, but Oot was too shy.

Oot didn't want to leave Daddy either.
For the record, Oot is not his baby's real name, which is for the time being safeguarded by his friends and family until Oot is old enough to decide if he wants an Internet presence or not. Until then, he shall forevermore be referred to as Oot (online and in appearances like this at least).

Of course, having attended this event, I got to have my picture taken with Pat himself. Needless to say, I should have made googly eyes at him too.

Really, I was too star-struck to do anything beyond look pretty.
And this is what he signed for The Name of the Wind.

Signed for Wise Man's Fear:

When the third one comes out, I shall have him say something akin to "Even more love, forever from Pat." And if he asks, I shall show him the others -- I don't expect him to remember my specific circumstance.

Needless to saw, Pat is pretty awesome. He was worried about not getting to sign everyone's book before the event, so he started signing before the reading. Then he got up, answered questions, read the Wise Man's Fear prologue, answered more questions, read a Humor Column from college (the guinea pig story for those who might know it), more questions, then book signings. He stayed until past 11pm, which is about when I left with my friends. 

The woman running the endeavor was really nice as well. Around 10p, we told her our last bus was at 11:15p and we didn't want to miss it. Although she said we would have plenty of time, she still ushered us along to the front of the line as 10:50p rolled around. The people in line were gracious enough to let us pass as soon as they knew we were students and didn't have a car. Pat got cupcakes from one of my friends, in which he signed her book "You are AWESOME" to her glee. Then we left.

Well worth asking off for work, methinks. A very nice break from midterm studying. And now I really really want to read.


  1. I've just finished 'The Name of the Wind' - how cool to meet and listen to the man himself!

  2. It was a fantastic experience! I'm not barely halfway through the "Wise Man's Fear". My family has been poking fun at me because I've been reading all day and only stopping to eat. But I cannot stop!


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