24 March 2011

100 Things to Write - Love

Once upon a time, there lived two trees at the edge of a forest. One was a boy tree, the other a girl tree. Whether they are both furs, or one maple and one ash, or both birches does not matter; these are small details compared to the only thing that does matter.
They were in love.
This is the kind of love that comes from conversation and a compatible sense of humor. Ever since they were young saplings, they joked and talked. As they grew, they hoped their braches would eventually grow into each other, and they could finally touch.

So the years passed, and they continued to reach.
Eventually, when the wind was strong enough, the ends of their branches would just skim the other. But this was only when the wind was very strong, and that was not very often. Sadly, they came accept the fact that their branches will never entwine.
Then one day, the forest caught on fire.
The details of how the fire started are irrelevant. Perhaps a camper lost track of the campfire. Or a strike of lightning was angry at the forest. Either way, the fire drove shivers up the star-crossed trees. They watched the smoke loom ever closer. And then they could see it, close enough to touch.

Then they were on fire.
This was a bittersweet moment for the trees. They were burning, but they could touch each other through the smoke they created. Not only that, but their smoke mixed with each other, and they could entwine their plumes like they wished they could entwine their branches.
So it was that the trees were truly happy in their final moments of life.


  1. wow. this was quite lovely. really.

  2. Wow! That was beautiful and a little melancholy.


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