21 March 2011

100 Things to Write - Introduction

About three years ago, I found a list on DeviantArt featuring 100 things to draw. I recently rediscovered this list and thought it would be pretty awesome to change "draw" to "write", if only to get these stagnant blogging juices flowing. To see the complete list, check out this elegant and finely-crafted link. Otherwise, you can check out the link in the sidebar under the Goodreads information.

If this is something that interests you, feel free to join in! I'm not going to make this an official blogfest or anything, but it would be fun if this gets passed around, if only for small writing exercises.

1 - Introduction

Who are you? Why do you write?

Call me K. I write because I like to.
Because when I was in the fourth grade and spent my afternoons rollerblading across the neighborhood, I would dream of adventures. Sometimes I was the one adventuring, sometimes it was someone else. Often times the characters weren’t created by me, and that’s why I didn’t write them down at first. The idea of fan fiction didn’t jive with what I already knew about copyright infringement.
I write because whenever I walk into a library and never find a book interesting enough for me to check out, I go home to write the book I would read.
Because whenever I set foot in a new city, I would want to capture every moment of it just to prove that I was there and I wasn’t experiencing a very elaborate and detailed lucid dream.
My subconscious tells me stories in my dreams, and sometimes I remember them long enough to write them down. They often involve people in my life I want to get to know, never the ones already close to me. Their adventures are so much cooler than anything I think up on my own.
But mostly, I write because  I like it.
Really, I don’t care if I make a living from writing or not. I will continue to write, and I will share my stories with the smallest of audiences.
This is me, and this is what I write.


  1. I adore your response to the question "why do you write", especially the last three paragraphs.

    I also like the idea of 100 things to write. I'll have to check out the list. Thanks for posting it.

  2. I've always wondered, what kind of job do you plan to get with a Creative Writing degree?

  3. MJ - Thanks you!

    Rougue - I would like to do something in the publishing industry, either agenting or in a publishing house.

  4. I love your answer to the second question. "I write because I like it". :)

  5. I was so excited to find this blog! My friends just started the DevianArt 100 things to draw, and I, like you, K., thought I sould write about them instead! i looked up 'writing prompts' and '100 things to write' on BING, and I found someone else had teh same idea!


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