19 August 2010

The signal is returning. We have text, captain!

Sorry about the lack of postage last Monday.  I aged about 55 years and joined the military.  And you should too because it's awesome.

I am currently reading the second book in the series, and I will probably be reading the third this weekend and the fourth by Monday.  Why not?  They're all here with me.  I borrowed them from a friend so they have to go back eventually.  (But not now.  Definitely not now.)

Meanwhile, I went to Ann Arbor, MI last weekend.  I was going to post a couple pictures, but my Bluetooth seems to be out of commission.  I used my camera to take pictures and the only way to get them to the computer is by Bluetooth.  Mayhap that'll be my project for Monday.  In the meantime, go check out John Scalzi's blog.  He wrote the book series I'm reading.

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