23 August 2010

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

I wasn't surprised when the dark colored 4-door was quickly on my back bumper.  At first, I glared at it thinking it would tailgate me.  On a back country highway, I was usually the one tailgated because I liked to look at the scenery.  Besides, hardly any cops are on these kinds of roads so everyone else feels obligated to blatantly ignore the speed limit signs.  In any case, this one car backed off once it realized I wasn't going to go any faster.
The passing lane came and it was the one who went into the next lane about the same time I almost turned on my blinker to switch.  These people were impatient.  But I let them and stayed in my lane anyway -- being the last person in a line of cars.  Unfortunately for them, they didn't get to pass anyone else, so now I was the one looking at their back bumper.
I didn't see the writing until we passed through a town and stopped at a light.  It was written in some sort of specialized paint -- contrasted enough to see it up close but unreadable at a further distance.  That writing lifted my spirits a little more.  One would have to be crazy not to smile at it.  It's endearing, unexpected, and shows great kindness towards the strangers that read it.  I almost expected a swear word at the end, but there wasn't.  Replacing the expected was the unexpected word that was what really caught my attention.
"Shine on you crazy diamond"
I tried to get a picture, but I'm sure I creeped those people out when I whipped out my camera and tried to get closer to them.  I let them go and made note to write about it later, whether in journal or blog or someplace else.  So now I’m telling it to you, because I think you deserve it whoever you are.
So shine on like the diamond you are, and pass it on to those who need it.

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