02 August 2010

A Font-abulous Discovery

Whenever I start a new story, I like going through my computer's fonts to find the one that I like to see my title written with.  I create my story's own logo, if you will.  Just for my own use, and mostly because I need some sort of break from writing once I get two pages in and need the feel that the current project is official.  

Also, just for fun, I go wandering flickrCC for pictures I could create into potential book covers for my stories.  Fancies from dreams, I know, but still fun to do.  It caters to the inner graphic artist in me, however amateur and inexperienced.  Whenever I visit flickerCC for pictures, I use Picnik to crop, edit, and decorate the chosen material until it resembles an image in my head.

There was one time where I made a cover for a story with a logo I call the perfect logo for that particular story.  It uses a certain font on the computer and I space it out in such a way that it looks cool and intriguing and you can vary it up slightly if it ever becomes part of a series.  However, the fonts at Picnik did not have anything that resembled the font I use in my word processor.  Those covers are a bit of a disappointment, and I'm not sure I'll find anything that'll represent that story for a very long time.

My current writing project, however, is a different story.  I went to make the logo in the word processor and none of the fonts seemed to work for me.  When I went to make the book cover (after a combination of boredom and the need to release some visual art energy), I found the perfect font at Picnik.  

This isn't a font I can just let go.  With Google at my fingertips, I went searching for this font and found something much more cooler.

Ladies and gentleman and variations thereof, I give you, dafont.com -- a very large collection of downloadable fonts for free.  Donations to the font authors are encouraged, so be sure to give your spare change in exchange for fonts so diverse your eyes will spiral out of control.  At this website, I managed to find the perfect font from Picnik, install it into my computer, and use it in my story's document.  

Am I crazy in that I'm inspired by computer fonts?  Every time I see one I really like, I want to think of a concept that will allow me to write with that one specific font!  

Now I shall go and bask in my discovery.  See you on Thursday.

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