09 August 2010

August for NaNo!

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, hereafter referred to as NaNo) usually takes place in November.  Since I'll be abroad and most likely busy with all sorts of school work and travel weekends in November, I'm having my NaNo in August, my waiting month, but with some changes.

I'll be studying in the UK from September until January.  As of now, I have an approved visa, plane tickets, a list of things to take along, and a large amount of impatience.  Not to mention a brand new travel backpack that's just dying to be used.  Everything is in place, except now I have to wait a whole month before anything can happen.  August is my waiting month.  To pass the time, I'm moving my NaNo ahead of schedule.  Besides, I already have a story planned.

I'm modifying the rules a bit for myself.  Instead of writing 50,000 words, I'm aiming for either 40,000 or story's completion. If the story ends at 35,000 words, I'm not going to complain.  I'll just celebrate for a few days and start the editing process.  No big deal.  My final aim to finish writing the story.  

This will effect blogging.  So be prepared for late posts, missing posts, and general disorder with actual updates for the month of August.

Happy writing fellow writers!

~ story info ~

title:  (not) broken
synopsis:  After losing his Memories and Heart, Remen befriends his old rival who nurtures his growth into a new person.  At the same time, his friends Val and Burm set out to recover the lost Memories in an attempt to save the Remen they know.
goal:  40,000 words / story's completion
current status:  15,448 words / 1,661 word debt*
book cover:  for grins, giggles, and because I really liked that picture

*word debt:  my marker for how many words I'm behind

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