06 September 2009

Journalism Assignment

As my first assignment as a second-year college student, I am challenged by figuring out which form of media has made the biggest impact of my life. It should be noted that I am currently multi-tasking by blogging and watching Firefly at the same time. "Two by two, hands of blue." I feel sorry for those officers who died.

So which media has made the biggest impact of my life? Certainly not television. Yes, yes, I'm watching Firefly (and easily distracted by it, I might add) but it's not the biggest media impact of my life.

So then I thought about the Internet. You know, social networking and Facebook and all that fun stuff. That seems reasonable enough. But then I got caught with the evidence backing up my claim. Or rather, I didn't make a thesis the way the professor wants it. That's worth looking into.

I also thought about books. Where would my life be if I couldn't read and write? Can I include notebooks and word processors as part of the media? But that's not a few people broadcasting/delivering information to many people. Mass media suggests a few people talking to many people. Notebooks and word processors are not mass media, but books certainly are. I like reading, and I like reading what's interesting. But between Tamora Pierce and Sarah Dessen, I can't tell you what kind of books I like. I mostly read fantasy, but I'm currently reading Edgar Allen Poe for English. There are many authors I haven't read, but I have definitely read some of the basics, discluding Danielle Steel. My claim?

Books have the greatest impact in my life. Why? Because they are interesting? W?hat is my warrant (a phrase left unstated that must be true for the thesis to be true)? I like interesting books.

The hard part is evidence. What's my evidence that books have the greatest impact on my life? Well, the amount I read for one. I have the ability to read two books a week. Does that always happen? No. But I can still do it.

There's got to be more to the evidence than that. We can also add that I'm aspiring to be a writer. Therefore, it is logical that books would have a great impact on me if my life choice is to become a writer. A writer has to read to improve their writing, just like an athlete has to watch sports to improve their game. A singer must listen to others sing to improve themselves. If you cannot see the competition and learn their techniques, then you might as well not improve your skills. That is why a writer reads a lot. Besides, it's fun.

And because good things come in threes, we need a third piece of evidence. It shall be the feeling of being lost whenever I do not have a book to read. I could be a textbook, or a newspaper; I just need something to read so I don't go crazy by myself in my dorm room. Some sort of recreational reading is preferred, but I have read some interesting news artcles before. I also enjoy the occasional magazine and graphic novel.

Here's my evidence.

Evidence #1: I can read two to three books in a calendar week.
Evidence #2: I aspire to become an author.
Evidence #3: I feel lost whenever I do not have a book to read.

Thank you for reading through my outlining troubles. Your prescence in my blog is much appreciated. Please comment.

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