09 September 2009

Student Orgs and Dorms

Apart from learning a ton about studying abroad, I also checked the Student Organization Fair. And I found a creative writing group calling themselves Working Titles that meets Mondays at seven. It works with my schedule because I'm open on Mondays and would love to get feedback for my work. Now the question is, which should I bring for the kick-off?

There's always The White Lady, which is the first story I think whenever I hear about something like this. And there's also We Were Once Friends which is set in my Modified world but more character driven than most other stories. And I'm also daydreaming about working on a third story, longer than the others, but more fiction based. It's a love story between two teenagers, except they're both young women. I tried writing this when I first got to the dorm, but I wasn't inspired much. And now that school started, and I looked through the latest draft of Resistence, I'm writing that now. But that's something I don't want to show anyone until I'm absolutely sure I'm finish with it. Just because it's gone through so many changes over the years that I don't want to show someone one version, and then completely change it on them a few months later.

Oh the possibilities!

I'm also interested in the WUD Publishing Committee. I wonder if I can drag anyone with me to the kick-off. Except I don't know any other writers in the dorm, and I haven't been advertising that I like to write. Asking to read something is so annoying. I don't want to give them some half-assed story only to get the same lame feedback ("This was good."). That's so annoying.

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