06 August 2011

Where I've Been

I've been here, for the most part, reading blogs and watching YouTube and generally having a good time. There was nothing interesting to say, so I didn't post for the sake of posting.

In lieu of this watching, my computer went down. Strictly speaking, I fried the motherboard via a big bowl of milk at breakfast, which is always a nice thing to do to your computer. But don't worry, things are working out and I'll be using a tiny netbook until I get my 17.5" screen back. I'm working up to it by renting 13" MacBook Pros from my university. On which I'm able to use Windows. For the record, I really dislike Mac Laptop mice. That's about my only reasonable complaint, and a story for another post.

In addition to this, I just finished finals for summer classes. Well, summer class, since the only thing left to finish for me was Kendo. I did pretty well, I guess. After the final, we did a Balloon Battle, where we had balloons taped to the three targets we can hit. One guy attempted to get my kote (wrist) with the force of his entire being, and missed a good three times before I yelled at him. He ran away after that. Shows him. I mean, seriously, it doesn't take THAT much force to pop a balloon. So now my arm is sporting this giant bruise right under my shoulder. Try sleeping on that. (No seriously, I can't lay on my right side now. It sucks.)

And now I'm moving. Yay! It's nothing big, like from one city to another. Even so, my reasonably navigateable mess is now a reasonably navigateable mess in boxes. Except for that pile of library books next to my bed, but let's not get into that.

For all intents and purposes, I'm pretty much moving about twenty blocks away, but it's okay, because now I'll be closer to campus. I can take a free SAFE RIDE bus home when it gets dark out and it's too cold to ride my bike. I'll be waking up especially early to drunken awesomeness outside my apartment because I'll be a block away from the football stadium. And what's probably the best part, I'll just be living with two other people so I know who to yell at if someone doesn't do the dishes. Likewise, they know who to yell at if someone doesn't sweep the floor, but at least we get along otherwise.

Also, I finally got a public library card a few weeks ago, and I've seriously been checking out graphic novels by the half-dozen. They're mostly Batman, but I've also read some Nightwing, the entirety of Scott Pilgrim, and the first four volumes of Red River. I've also read White Cat by Holly Black in a day. Which I call a record of some kind because normally a book that size would take me two days. But I guess I was just that eager to get through it. 

I'll post again when there's something to say.


  1. I own probably forty years of the Batman comics...great stuff. Graphic novels are all the rage these days and they make comic books so that they can easily be bound into graphic novels.

    Hope you have an easy time with your move.


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