12 August 2011

Death Note Super Spoiler

I started watching Death Note this week. A dangerous task because I should really be packing and cleaning when I'm not at work or figuring out how to get rid of all my food before Sunday. But anyway, it's an awesome show. I'm all like

There are many spoilers that can happen within this show, but there is one spoiler that tops them ALL. I call it the Super Spoiler. So then the SUPER SPOILER happens, and now I'm debating about whether I want to continue watching it or not.

But friend (codename) Walter said, "I don't know if [super spoiler] was genius or dumb." And now I feel I have an intellectual obligation to finish the series and state my opinion on the matter.

I also just want to say that the episode in which the Super Spoiler happens is beautiful. At least for me. There may or may not have been a yaoi fangirl moment, some failed Christian symbolism, and squeals of glee.

Not that I'm glad about Super Spoiler, it's just that when stories take a Turn For The Awesome I get really excited and Turns For The Awesome are typically very sad moments.

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