16 July 2011

Saturday Morning Adventure

Today's adventure is brought to you by my roommates Rick and Far.

Last night, Rick asked if I wanted to get a work out and help the community by helping her pull up wild parsnip in a park this morning. I said sure, why not, and she said "we're leaving the house by 8:30a."

This morning we left at 8:30a. Far drove us and on the way, he commented about his clutch, but I wasn't paying attention because his car is loud and the scenery was unfamiliar so I was looking at that.

But we get to the park where there was less wild parsnip pulling than anticipated. You see, Rick volunteered to help a to-be Eagle Scout for his project since her internship project is in the same area anyway. And when we met with the Eagle Scout and the guy who maintains the trails, there was significantly less parsnip-pulling than I thought and more of a general "This is my idea. Let's work out the nitty-gritty details." More of a survey of the area and a discussion on what they can do and how they'll do it. And me, having little if any interest in any of this, pulled out my phone and started playing cribbage. Indeed, I'm that classy.

I did, however, pull up one parsnip plant. My duty was done, and Rick laughed when I told her so.

While we were out, Far's clutch completely gave out on his way back to the house. He called his dad who we'll call Mr. Far. Mr. Far and Far came to pick us up when we were done. Then we drove to Far's car, hooked it up to the back of Mr. Far's van, and towed the car all the way to the next town where Mr. Far lives. And it is at the Far House where the car will be fixed over the weekend.

While at the Far House, we chatted for a bit, mostly about how they'll fix the car and how we'll get back home. Mrs. Far is making part of a costume for Rick for a Renaissance wedding in September. So the women will be doing that while the boys tinker with the car. Oh happy day. In any case, we lunched on enchiladas before Mr. Far dropped Rick and I back at the house. Rick has to do something at the library and I really have no purpose in being at the Far House. I mean, I only brought my phone with me. It only lasts for so long, you know?

And that was my roundabout adventure of the day.

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