10 July 2011


I consider myself a child of Google. Sort of. A lot of my Google-usage has been in college, but that's the stage in life where you experiment with everything and the kitchen sink, right? So when Google announced Google+, I had to try it out. And so, I venture into another realm of social networking.

I really hope Google+ takes off. But you know, social networking sites come and go. Remember when MySpace was big? I never really had one, but I had a xanga, the first of all the blog sites. Then there was Facebook. And now Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. These things keep on evolving. And every time something new is introduced, people seem to hop it like a kid at Christmas. Because, really, that's kind of what it is. Look Internet, here's a brand new toy for you to play with!

I admit kid-at-Christmas, although a cliche phrase, accurately describes my current attitude towards +. I want to know how this will work once people settle into it and start using it for their everyday lives. Then I'll give a full and accurate review on it. Or something. I'm not really a tech person. So, like any blogger, I'll just give my opinion on it and continue on with my life, with or without +.

One day, I hope there comes a social networking site that outlasts them all. Don't you think it'll be neat to have a social networking site where you can creep on your parents while they were in college to see all the stupid stuff they did? It would put a perspective to life, I think. Look, here's my mom drunk at a party. Wow, I did that exact same thing last weekend. Or maybe something like should be left better for a personal epiphany looking through old photos. But wait, that's what Facebook already does, doesn't it?

Even so, I hope it's Google that outlasts them all. Those guys seriously kick butt. I use them for everything!


  1. I really don't want to know what my parents did. I rarely want to know what they're currently doing. There have to be lines of privacy, a concept Mark Zuckerberg has yet to grasp.

  2. I'm excited for Google+ to launch. Anything Google is spiffy. ;) I found pictures of my parents in college hidden in the attic. I was thrilled with the discovery. My mom? Not so much.

  3. The concept of my parents being actual people before kids fascinated me as a teenager. Still kind of does in a way. I like hearing about my grandparents and imagining what they must have been like. Were they as rowdy as us?


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