21 February 2011

Microfiction Monday (4)

Microfiction Monday is hosted by Susan on Stony River

This week's Microfiction Monday will be different. Instead of something creative made up on the spot, you have a brief two sentences from my current short story entitled Dream Giver --- about a woman named Trisha who is drawn to a psychic in a coma through dreams. The sentences come from the opening dream sequence.

Sterile white doors lined the walls. Even though my feet propelled me forward, I didn’t move an inch
My crusader challenge will be up shortly. Eventually. By Friday. Maybe. These next two weeks will involve me doing the following (on top of regular homework):
- finalizing submission for Illuminations
- finalizing submissions to Madison Lit Fest
- debate about submitting to the Kenyon Review
- create a rough draft for a storyboard (for class)
- write 8-10 pages analyzing Iron Man (for a different class)

Here, have a video to entertain yourselves. Taken from John Scalzi's blog.


  1. YIKES on the video! Songs seems odd coming out of their musical mouths. :) I'm a fellow crusader and new follower. Nice to meet you.

  2. I;m new here and at Mictro Fiction. I signed on to follow on your blog, please follow me too at http;//lindaoconnell.blogspot.com/

  3. Oh I have a fondness for my dreams. Lately I've been condensing them down into 1 or 2 sentence snippets. After doing so it's amazing the hidden meaning/message comes to light. Is there anyway to let me know when your short story is complete? I would love to read it! Guess I'll have to follow you.

    Oh...and I enjoyed the Cleverly's rendition!

  4. Why didn't she go? Oh, I like this one!

  5. I like the fact that even though she wanted to, her feet wouldn't propel her forward! Wonderful MM. Have a great week. Cheers~


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