10 February 2011

Fun PIctures of Squee


In other fun pictures, the cat sat on my computer the other day. He's really my roommates', so I get kitty kuddles all day without ever having to empty a litter box. This is Squee, which is short for Squeeze, but we just call him Mr. Squiggles.

You see, he has a pension for dancing birds. They kind of fascinate him.

He was hit by a car before he was adopted by my roommates, hence the eye-ness. Despite the handicap, he continues to kill large rodents like squirrels in the basement. How a squirrel got into our basement, we're not sure we wanna know. But Squee killed it, so now it doesn't really matter.

He's like "I'll get you, bird."

Now he's like "Where did it go?"

"Darn human, you're behind this!"

Then he snuggled on my lap for a bit. He has this thing, as I'm sure all cats do; when they get comfortable they flex out their claws. It's only slightly unpleasant when they press against your thigh. But only slightly.


  1. I saw that parenthisis cartoon yesterday. Very funny :).

    And your flatmate's cat is very cute. Don't you just love having a cat to cuddle while you're writing?

  2. If only he would stay on my lap as I write! He's a fan of the foot of my bed too. Very cute.


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