01 December 2010

Reposting and Fundraisers

There is an award that's in the works that sounds very interesting.  Every year, there are speculative fiction translated into English from other languages from throughout the world.  The purpose of this award is to acknowledge the best book from the books translated into English.  John Scalzi better explains the awards and what they're offering on his blog.

Meanwhile, there is a call for donations to help with the prize money.  Because if you're awarded a prize, some money would be beneficial.  For more information about donating (and the prizes that might come your way), check out this link here.

Meanwhile, I'm going to look into these speculative fiction books that are translated into English.  Some of them might be really interesting.

Meanwhile, there's only a few more weeks left to donate to Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders Fundraiser.  (The link will take you to his blog homepage, so if you click it after December, you won't be reading about Worldbuilders.)  Check out the prizes in the lottery, the store, and the auctions going on, and donate to his cause! 

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