17 December 2010

Link 4 Charity!

December is Charity Month.  Patrick Rothfuss just closed his Worldbuilders Fundraiser with the Heifer Project.  But Hank and John Green of vlogbrother and Nerdfighter fame have launched Project for Awesome on YouTube.

If you're on this blog, you probably know Project for Awesome already.  It's a day where YouTubers from all over post videos about their favorite charities.  The point is for people to comment and rate and favorite as many p4a videos as they possibly can so that tomorrow, when people log onto YouTube, all they see on the front page are videos about charities. 

There's a lot going on for this so check out the p4a2010 YouTube channel for more information on donating and raffles. 

Don't forget to be awesome and donate to a good cause (whichever one you pick).

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