09 December 2010

Across the Universe Contest Announcement

My goodness, two posts in one day?  What can this mean?

It means that I found a contest that I love and want to share with everyone reading this!  Beth Revies is the debut author of anticipated YA novel Across the Universe (a link to her blog is to the right of this post).  In anticipation of her upcoming release in January, she's holding an EPIC CONTEST OF EPIC that is so grand I want to be able to do something like that.

The EPIC CONTEST OF EPIC will give away 100 prizes to people at random.  So of course I entered my name and address.  The catch is that winners are notified with the prizes arriving on their doorstep; Ms. Revies isn't going to announce the winners on her blog. 

In order to win the GRAND PRIZE featuring a plethora of cool swag, you must do one of three things.  1). become a fan of the book on Facebook; 2). blog about the contest (like what I'm doing now), or 3). pre-order the book from B&N.com, Amazon.com, or your local indie bookstore. 

Here is a link to the contest and the list of cool prizes.  So go check it out!  It's so awesome!

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