19 March 2010

Where Did I Go? Comments from a Web Surfer


No where, really.  But every time I think about this blog, I think about how few things I actually do outside schoolwork and writing.  I don’t read as much as other people, and I have to admit, looking at things with a critical eye takes the fun out of it.  So I’ve decided to also litter this blog with other things – like the cool videos I find on YouTube!  And other things.


Laini Taylor is a fun blog to follow.  She finds awesome writing advice including this pretty neat speech by Elizabeth Gilbert who wrote Eat Pray Love.  Check it out, my roommate loves it.


I am also a fan of The Big Bang Theory.  I’ve been watching that whenever I have to eat alone.


And when I’m not really doing anything else, I find random YouTube videos.  Like this one.  Check that out too because it’s awesome.  I almost want to go on Chat Roulette to find him, but I don’t want to see a quarter of the people I meet doing inappropriate things to their webcam. 


And then when that is done, I feel like listening to Owl City’s Fireflies, so that’s what I do.  And my surfing goes from there.


Internet surfing makes me think of the old 90s cartoon Reboot, which I watched last year and inadvertently found this Reboot revival movement.  That was also interesting.  But the show features a web surfer for a few episodes who uses a surf board and talks with a slight Aussie accent. 


But Reboot was made in the 90s when the Internet and its potential was just speculation.  Which makes me wonder what Reboot would be like if it were revamped with today’s technology and ideologies.  To prevent copyrighting, there will have to be new characters.  But they’ll still feature some sort of Anti-Spyware character, the main programming character, a character for each major program on the computer, and so forth.  I say we keep the binomial characters because they’re cute, personally, but that’s just me.


A friend of mine mentioned something once.  He said that we’ve now gotten to the point where, if a person is smart, you don’t have to hunt for a software problem at all.  If a program goes bad, just uninstall it and then reinstall it – simple fix without the hassle.  And any other problems you had would also disappear.  So now the common folk don’t even know how computers are run, we just know how to work them.  Does that scare you?  Because if computers die, a lot of people's lives will die with them (mine included). 


Inevitably, I end up picturing myself in a cool-looking protective suit with a surf board and wishing that whole thing was real.  Damn, that’d be fun.

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