10 March 2010

The Oscars


I’m not about to post who won what here, because you can easily check it out here.  Instead, I’m going to point out that I am happy for Kathryn Bigelow on her awards.  To commemorate the Academy Awards, I’ll be having an Oscar Movie Marathon this Saturday with a bunch of friends.


There is this ongoing tradition with me that I hardly ever see the movies put up for Academy Awards.  It’s nothing against them, it’s just that I probably don’t recognize quality cinema when I see it.  So I can never accurately guess which movie will win what.  Although I was kind of voting for The Hurt Locker because it was the biggest contender for Avatar and I didn’t think Avatar should get Best Picture.  Best Picture suggests a plot that hasn’t been seen before.


I was personally rooting for District 9 to get an award.  It’s a really good movie, so I’m disappointed with that.  But it’s not warrant to get the attention because of its genre.  Did anyone else notice the humanitarian message involved?  Just replace the Prawns with humans and you have a message against that sort of treatment!


Anyway, I’m still questioning the reasoning behind ten Best Picture nominations instead of the usual five, because all the attention seemed to be focused on five anyway. 


If you missed my highlight of the night, check out the clip linked here.


This is a very busy week for me, so I’m not sure when my next post will be.  I’ll be sure to update you on my happenings on Monday, though.  The list of recent movies will be a fairly long one (hopefully).

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