23 March 2010

FlashForward has returned!


Which means I’m very excited.  This show caught my interest when I first went to college and I’ve been keeping up with it until it was put on haitus.  I am very unhappy about this haitus because the original creators stated in an interview that they were planning for the series finale to mesh-up with the date of the flash forwards.  I do hope they keep that up.  It’s a very interesting concept.


This is not a review, this is just me being excited.


Someone on the Hulu reviews mentioned that the character arcs seemed kind of cliche, which made me think that Flash Florward can be a bit of a cheese ball, which made me fall for it all over again.  I am an uber fan of the Cheese Ball for reasons unbeknownst to me.  If it can pull off corny and bad-ass-ery, I’m liable to like it.


Like Transformers and Speed Racer.  Both are awesomely entertaining, but they are giant Cheese Balls.  But they are entertaining, thus, I like them.


This is the kind of thing I’d like to work on someday.

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