27 July 2009

Who is Morike?

The summer before my freshman year in high school, I attended a summer music camp. Probably one of the worst weeks of my life, as student life was startlingly similar to college and I wasn't even ready for high school just yet. Also, I was extremely shy, had low self-esteem, and didn't know how to reach out to make friends. Luckily, I managed to make one friend who helped me get through the week. We shared the same interests in Japanese anime, and she had even picked a Japanese name for herself. I followed her footsteps and picked one out as well -- Moriko.

High school started a few months later. Another friend asked me to help out with back stage theatre, so I did. (Why not? I thought) As is tradition, tee shirt orders were passed around to everyone. There was also an option to have something written on the back. As per my chosen Japanese name, I worte down "Moriko". A few weeks later, when the shirts finally came, I recieved my shirt to find that "Moriko" was changed to "Morike". I was dismayed at first, but I soon got over it.

It's been an online alias ever since.

And for the record, it's pronounced [moh-ree-kay], no syllable is accented more than another. I'm personally fond of this name. It's unique, not really Japanese, and (I later discovered) a Guild of Wars goddess.

If you ever come across a Morike on a random site (like YouTube), send a greeting (or hilarious video).

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