19 July 2009

Is it August yet?

I miss college. The life, the homework, the wandering on my own for hours on end. The working on your feet for five hours straight. But what I mostly miss is being able to sleep in.

Getting up at quarter to seven in the morning every morning is not fun. Next semester, my classes start around ten, so I'll be betting up at nine. Which works because that's when I naturally wake up anyway. Even so, I would much rather be at school, even with homework.

But this is a post expressing how much I miss college. I can't wait to meet my new roommate. I'm totally psyched about my CommArts 350 class. And I am pretty sure I will make an actual effort to talk to professors, especially if it's a class for my better interest. I can't wait to get everything all organized.

I fell I should do something for August, but I don't think I will. I started working backstage at a play near my area, and last week went really slow. Like a busy slump. Every day is a boring day. You find yourself wishing for late August every five minutes. I need something to keep going, both at work and at home. But when you're doing random jobs no one else wants to do, it's hard to do something for more than a single day.

And that's why I miss college. Life goes fast, and you feel like you're living. I'm not yet suffocating, but I'm finding it hard to catch a good breath once in a while.

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