23 July 2009

On Mornings and Trains

I was driving to work this morning and thinking about twelve year-old geniuses (curtesy of my current book) when a train burst through the trees on the side of the road. I caught my breath, and immediately thought of majestic and fun chase scenes back when the world wasn't so developed. A man running through fields with mustangs, both chasing and being chased. So I chased and was chased by the train. We were going the same speed, me slightly faster. No one won, no one lost.
I gave up when I came to my turn, since my turn goes over the train tracks. I had thought that I would be closer, but there was already a line of cars. And more cars came, but could not turn on the road. I felt those cars somehow broke the connection I had with the train. It was our own mini traffic jam. But the end of the train wasn't far. As I rolled over the railroad, I looked to my left to see if I could see the train, perhaps glimpse that majestic chase scene again.
It had already disappeared behind a bend.

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