14 October 2011

Life's Too Short

  • to read bad books
  • to listen to your parents
  • to hold back at karaoke night
  • to NOT kick your roommate in the balls
  • to clean your room
  • to panic
  • to under-appreciate everything you have
  • to listen to just one album at a time
  • to silence your inner child
  • to do homework
  • to not post on your tumblr/twitter/blogger/etc.
  • to worry what others think of you if you sing on the street
  • to not hum to yourself
  • to not submit your story to the journal
  • to anger your cat
  • to play fair
  • to finish a crossword puzzle
  • to live cheaply
  • to drink cheap booze
  • to scare your cats from the counter
  • for writer's block
  • to live in a plain room
  • to not buy that piece of jewelry
  • to make excuses
  • to say no to anime
  • to walk past the man with a "FREE HUGS" sign
  • to cancel the furry convention
If life is but a dream, it better be lucid.


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