31 August 2011

I'm Jack Holloway and I speak for the Fuzzies

**this post contains strong language

Finished reading Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi over breakfast, and by over breakfast I mean I sat the table for an extra hour reading. Scalzi's style is simple and levelheaded. Jack Holloway is the perfect asshole. Fuzzies are awesome and adorable at the same time. I read it in about two days (between work shifts and other matters at hand). You all should read it.

My favorite character is Judge Solton. Her entire attitude towards everybody --- protagonist, antagonist, dog, what-have-you --- is a simple "Not you idiots again." She doesn't take shit from anybody. Her position as a judge gives her the ability to see through lawyerly manipulations. And her employer, which isn't ZaraCorp, means she's not prone to bribery and other corporate sneaks. She's probably the biggest badass in that entire book. I love her.

Fuzzy Nation --- go read it because a dog blows up a cliff. Seriously.

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  1. I think that Michael Whelan did the covers for these books.


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