13 May 2011

Kicking off Summer 2011

Finals week is officially over. Can I get a w00t w00t?

And now that finals are over, I'm now a senior. Scary. This time next year, I'll be graduating. I remember this feeling in high school, but this time I'm more sure of myself. Three years at college does that to you. But I'll handle this like I handled high school --- by making the most of it. In high school, I quit my job so I could spend all my time with my passion: theatre. Not on stage, mind you, but backstage, where the magic really happened. I had a plan to hunt down the local community theatre, but I'll be dividing my time in the summer as it is.

Here's my Summer To Do list:

*** research NaNo novel
I figured out while in Europe what I wanted to write during the next NaNoWriMo. But it'll involve lots of research, especially in fairy tales and folk stories and their tropes and common features. German superstitions and French bedtime stories and a personification of the American stereotype . . . with a steampunk setting. My main character is from Norway, his best friend is Swedish, and they travel the continent looking for a book. I can't wait to write this!

*** write my two novellas
I have two ideas that popped into my head at the end of the term. One involves aliens, the other refugees. I have no idea what'll become of them, but I gotta keep writing somehow. One was already a rough draft, but I'd like to write a second draft from another character's perspective, if only for a larger scope of world development.

*** summer classes
I signed up for an American Short Stories class as well as Kendo. Can't wait.

*** leading workshops
It's possible my student-run creative writing group will meet during the summers. The decision is still up in the air, but it's looking promising. The official announcement will be made next week sometime. Those involved already know about this.

*** Netflix
Because I told myself I would get it when summer comes.

*** work
I start working at the new union in about two weeks. I'll be on a 15-20 hour a week schedule starting in June.

*** family
My little brother is graduating high school and moving to my rival school. Sobs for graduating, angry fist shake for attending the rival school. It's a bittersweet moment. We'll also have some sort of vacation . . . maybe. The 'rents have been bouncing around the idea of Vegas, but we might reset to our Default Location instead. Both my brothers also have their birthdays in July, so there'll be time set aside for that. And then there's Independence Day, my parents' anniversary, I-miss-you-I-wanna-come-home weekends, etc.

*** reading list
Check the Goodreads link for details. Which reminds me, I should really get that library card . . . .


  1. You have a fantastic to do list for the summer. Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. Just look at all the fun you will get to have razzing your brother about being a rival!

    You are defiantly keeping busy. Just don't forget to have some fun too!

  2. Sounds extremely busy. Best of luck to you in getting all that done. My own goals are more humble. I want to sleep 8-hours a night and drop about 70-pounds so I can wear sexy clothes.


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