14 April 2011

Goodness, an award!

Holy heavens, I won an award! Here it is.

The rules are to link back to the giver, (Thank you Margo Kelly!), list seven facts about yourself (below), and then give to 15 other blogs you think are awesome (or deserving of 7 facts). So here are my facts and the winners presented by me.

1). Harry Potter was introduced to me in fourth grade when my teacher read it to the entire class. We didn't particularly enjoy it at first, but as he continued to read every day we came to love it.

2). I carry around what I call a Notebook of Everything because I write everything in it. It features hangman games, meeting notes, scenes from larger pieces, writing exercises, dreams --- everything.

3). My first Notebook of Everything lasted 2-3 years from high school to the beginnings of college. It is currently stored with hard copies of my stories. It is also completely beaten up and worn and decorated with stickers.

4). My second and current Notebook of Everything has been in use for about a year and a half and features the same material. It is proving to be more durable than the first.

5). In high school, all my time was spent with the Madrigal singers and backstage theater. Things have since changed because now I spent all my time involved in the publication committee on campus.

6). My first European road trip was when my brother came to visit me for Christmas this past December. We took a train to Paris, another train to Berlin, and flew back to London for a few days. Best Christmas Ever.

7).  My second European road trip was immediately after when my brother returned home and I flew to Denmark to explore Scandinavia (+ Finland). Visited a friend in Denmark, skied in Norway, learned some history in Sweden, and saw a sea fortress in Finland.

Award Recipiants! I give this award to my Crusader group #14!

1. Dominic de Mattos (Writes of Passage
2. Anica Grey (Butterfly Mind
3. Sandra Ulbrich Almazan (Sandra Ulbrich Almazan: Speculative Fiction Author)
4. Tony Benson (Fireside Park
5. The Golden Eagle (The Eagle's Aerial Perspective
6. Mlle Lizka (Laws of Gravity
7. Chris Kelworth (The Kelworth Files
8. Mercy (Have Mercy! Killer Reviews
9. Rogue Mutt (Every Other Writer Has a Blog...Why Can't I?
10. Charity Bradford (My Writing Journey)
11. Gen Jordan (Living on Earth
12. Pensheep (A Writerly Pensheep)
13. Cindy Borgne (Dreamer's Perch
14. Michael Offutt (SLC Kismet)


  1. Awe, thank you! I've added a link to your page on my awards page.

  2. I want to go on a European road trip! That sounds awesome. I bet that was a great Christmas. :)

  3. It was a great Christmas! We walked around the Louvre and had free tours in all three cities; explored Christmas markets in Berlin and spent London going to a bunch of classic rock sites like Abbey Road and dining at the Hard Rock Cafe (the original's in London). It was awesome!

  4. Congratulations, and thank you very much!

    I'm starting up a 'Critiquing and Supportive Crusaders' program, where participants in the Second Crusade can find other writers to exchange critiques with or form supportive critiquing circles. If you're interested, come by The Kelworth Files to check it out!


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