25 April 2011

Destressing before Hell Week

You come home from Easter, and you catch the dialogue in a scene from How to Train Your Dragon coming from the living room downstairs. Think nothing of it because everyone in the house loves that movie and it's really no surprise that someone is watching it. Instead, trust your luck that the scene is in the final act. Of course it'll be close to ending! No use joining in if it’s ending in less than half an hour.

When your parents leave for home, you are left to your devices. Again, you catch wind of dialogue from How to Train Your Dragon. But you know that this piece of dialogue comes before the piece of dialogue you heard earlier. So you walk downstairs with homework in hand and you sit down.

"Are you watching How to Drain Your Dragon on repeat?" you ask.

"Don't judge me!" your roommate responds.

Fair enough. She's been stressing about that paper for five days already. You've got your own stress to deal with. 

And you finish the night by watching How to Train Your Dragon three more times before bed.

~ ~ ~

I've got more homework than should be legal, so you won't be seeing me for a while. Have fun and take care.


  1. Ha! Well, if there's going to be a movie on repeat, that would be a good one (or Tangled). :)

  2. I do love How To Train Your Dragon but there are some other really great animated shows out there so that you don't have to watch it on repeat. Might I suggest MegaMind or Despicable Me or Toy Story 3 (really any of the Pixar shows), or Tangled (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TANGLED!!!)

    Anywho...just making a suggestion of breaking up those How To Train Your Dragon Marathons so the movie doesn't get old :/

  3. I don't think Dragon will ever get old. I'm just so in love with Toothless.

    AND I LOVE TANGLED!!! Not only is it cute, but the storytelling is really, really tight. Anyone else notice that? It's also fun to point out the shout-outs to other Disney animated movies. And the songs. I love the songs!


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