29 January 2011

My Plan for World Domination

I wrote these steps on the white board in our kitchen, and they're too amusing to go un-shared.

1). Take Suomenlinna.  For those who don't know, Suomenlinna is a sea fortress very close to the city of Helsinki in Finland. It's a prime location in the Batlic Sea to take Stockholm, from which I can rule Scandinavia.

2). Conquer St. Petersburg. From there we march to Moscow. Once we have Russia, we have a giant chunk of Asia. Then we can move on.

3). Take over Germany. Conquering France is a sub-step for this. Sorry, France.

4). With a significant portion of Europe under my belt, it's time to move into the Big Leagues. By making alliances with the Scottish and Irish, I'm pretty sure we can overthrow England from within it's own government. This will take time. "Keep calm and carry on" and all that.

5). Nuke China. Because once we do that, America's economy will take a turn for the worse. And then I can

6). TAKE AMERICA! Really, once you have that, you really do have the world.

7). ??? I have the world. Now what?

8). Profit. Well, why would you take over the world?

List your plan for world domination below!

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