26 January 2011

First Paragraph Contest

Nathan Bransford, former agent of Natalie Whipple (see blog list) is hosting a sort-of annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Contest.  This is a just for fun contest, but the prizes are still really cool.  The grand prize includes getting a partial manuscript looked over by Catherine Drayton who represents Markus Zusak, John Flanagan, Becca Fitzpatrick, and others.

So, naturally, I entered.  A new year's resolution I have is to research and enter a few writing contests, and I say this counts.

This is the paragraph I entered.  Please critique it as an opening paragraph in the comments below (if you so desire).

I broke away from an important conversation to walk down the strange corridor. The walls were sterile white, decorated with closed doors of the same color, and stretched to infinity. My feet carried me forward and yet I went nowhere at the same time. Still I kept walking, never realizing the counter-productivity of the action. My focus was on the end of the hallway, where a door just like the other doors waited. A woman stood in front of that door, her back to me. She repeatedly opened the door as if to enter, and every time she opened it, she was opening the door for the first time. In a way, I was at both places, but I couldn't walk through the door unless the me walking through the corridor arrived at the door. I wondered why I couldn't just teleport directly to the door; this is a dream after all.

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