29 January 2010

Storm Front by Jim Butcher

When a double homocide leaves Lieutenant Murphy confused, she calls upon her close friend Harry Dresden. Dresden is not your average private investigator. He is the only qualified wizard in Chicago running his own PI firm, and money is tight because no one needs any paranormal investigations. Which is why Dresden gets excited when he gets two jobs in one day.

Harry Dresden is, in a word, entertaining. What all encompasses entertaining? Let me count the ways:

Entertaining means funny. I finally got into this book when Harry is fighting off a toad-like demon, naked, in the middle of a date. It is not as it seems, I swear to you! His lady friend is fully clothed . . . in a sexy dress. But that's beside the point. The point is I read this part in a public place and I may or may not have been given many odd looks laughing myself silly. So there. Harry Dresden is funny.

Entertaining also means action-packed. Harry fights off demons, fights off inept wizards, and fights off the mafia. He also avoids giant growing scorpions, and gets his sneakers stolen from his cat.

Entertaining involves a little mystery too. Who murdered those two people and how did they do it? More importantly, who will be next? Harry hunts him down through dead ends and even puts himself at personal risk. Not because this stuff is dangerous, but because of legal wizarding issues explained in the book.

Problems I had with the book? The beginning is slow, but I give the book the benefit of the doubt for that. Harry comes at you fully developed with history and humor. It takes a few chapters to really settle into a groove with that. I read this book a while ago, and I came out loving it to no end. This isn't my best review, it's just something to bring me out of my lull.

I recommend Storm Front to anyone looking for a good laugh. Don't go in looking for some thought-provoking plot with captivating characters. Go in looking for a good time and witty sarcasm. You'll come out a better person because of it.

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