15 November 2009

This Works Much Better with Three People

A while ago, a friend and I were bored in class. So we did the game where one person writes one sentence, and then the next person writes another. But you can only look at the previous sentence before you write yours. This would have worked better if our usual trio was completed.

(secret codename) Ricks

Mr. Piggles was pissed.
Even thought his name wa Mr. Piggles, which is a pretty bad-ass name.
In any case, those damn neighbors were hanging around his rabbit den again.
He already told those mofos that he was out of crack, but they wouldn't listen.
So he did the only thing a crack-dealer knew how to do: he took out his shot gun.
BANG BANG! went the gun, and Mr. Piggles knew that he ha to get away before the popo showed up.
It was a good thing his passport didn't expire yet --- it's been five years since he hid himself at his grandmother's in British Columbia.
Those damn lazy free-loadin' Canadians.
Mr. Piggles would prefer Cancun, but Canada is at least two thousand miles closer.
Its also cheaper -- BAM!
When he arrived at his grandmother's later that week, he discovered she died and sold her house.
Good thing he had brought his shot gun!
BAM BAM and the house was his.
Damn Mounties forced him into hiding in the Yukon, thus pissing off Mr. Piggles even more.
So the moral of the story is - don't piss off the Mounties.

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