29 November 2009

I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Famous Through-the-Rabbit-Hole Stories (that I can name off the top of my head):
- Alice in Wonderland
- The Chronicles of Narnia
- Spirited Away

Last Monday I did something different after Working Title. Instead of going straight home, I went and hung out with some people at an apartment. We tried to write for a while, but there was inside jokes and YouTube videos and other procrastinating things going on. Then we popped in Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyazaki. We did the geeky thing and watched it with English subtitles.

Afterwards, we talked some more, and found ourselves on the topic of through-the-rabbit-hole stories. And because we're a group of writers, we asked what our personal through-the-rabbit-hole stories will be.

I thought a lot about this the past week, and I decided on a few things. See list below.

Aspects of my Personal Through-the-Rabbit-Hole Story:
- Twins
- Steampunk
- Airships
- Real Names and Identified Names
- Numerology
- Perhaps a little Astrology
- Deals/Contracts and their dangers/flaws within the naming system
- Capitalism/Commercialism will go with that as well

The world keeps growing the more I think about it, so I'm just going to stop the list there. Allow me to explain the main focus of my thoughts during the week: Names.

In my world, a person will have their Real Name and their Identified Name. Their Real Name is the name their parents gave them at birth. A Naming Ceremony was had, and the Name is rightfully theirs. As the child grows, their parents call them another name -- their Identified Name -- to get them used to it. Real Names are hidden because deals and contracts take up a big part of the society. To know a Real Name is to hold the power to control an individual.

Numerology will play somewhat of an important role. A job will only hire someone with a certain number because they're known to be hard workers. Persons with the Spirit Number of 5 will be a certain demographic in the population just like Heart Number 9 will be another demographic. A person is completely out of their mind if they do not know their own Numbers. To fit into this idea of mysticism, I will also throw in some Astrology because some people will want to predict their future as written by the stars. I believe my person will defy these notions that the future is predictable -- but then someone will point out that the mini-prophecy was fulfilled because the notion was defied. Cycles like that amuse me.

Airships and steampunk are involved because steampunk is awesome. It fascinated me as a child, and it continues to fascinate me now. Twins are involved for the same reasons. I've always wanted to meet my identical twin. If not to see how I would interact with myself, then to meet someone who is me genetically, but is not me in everything else.

My challenge to you:
What is your personal Through-The-Rabbit-Hole story? Think about it, and then post it on your blog if you have one. If you do not have a blog, my comment section is open for you to release your creativity.

Okay . . . GO!

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