03 September 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on the Drive Back Home

I grew up with a mother where anything less than ten miles over the speed limit was normal. It was a weird time during the summer when I went back. Apparently, the cops in my hometown have started cracking down on speeding. Mom did everything in her power to stay at the speed limit, and here's why.

My older brother is riding in the passenger seat with my mom driving. They get pulled over and my brother is cracking up. Mom being pulled over isn't really big news especially since she's always let go with warnings. But not this time. By now, the cops should at least recognize the car and the license plate. He thinks she's in for it, and I admit that it is pretty funny.

So the policeman comes and asks to see my mom's license. She shows it through her wallet, and the policeman asks her to remove it so he can take it back to the car. 

Here's another anecdote about my mother --- her wallet is stuffed to the rafters. Don't ask me what's in there, but there's a few cards from various places, membership cards, cash, coupons, receipts. She almost needs a mini-purse to fit all the things she wants to carry in her wallet. Instead, she usually gets the biggest wallets she can find. And they're still hard to zip closed.

So it doesn't really surprise me when Mom can't pull her driver's license from her wallet. My brother tries, and fails. And the policeman tries and fails as well. Finally giving in, the policeman goes back to the car to get a pad of paper to copy mom's information. No, she wasn't getting away just because her license was stuck. Here are ways around that.

The officer returns and copies the information, and then he goes back to his car. Mom and my brother sit in the car for a while. A few minutes later, the policeman returns.

But he doesn't have a ticket.

He says the printer in his car isn't working, so he's going to let her off with a warning. I think my brother balked or something because, dude, mom gets away with everything. She's just that awesome.


  1. Haha. Your mother sounds a lot like my mother, even down to the wallet. My mother is a nurse, and she hangs her stethoscope from her rear view mirror, which SHOULD be an obstruction of view violation, but she uses it as a prop to convince officers not to ticket her. *sigh* Good times...

    <3 Gina Blechman

    (she can also tell you where all of the police cars hide out in town and which spots you can speed in and which NEVER to speed in :-) )

  2. When my brothers and I were learning to drive, my parents would always tell us to go to the speed limit on certain roads, not because they were dangerous, but because they were the roads where cops hang out. And my mom's trick for not getting ticketed was openly admitting that Yes, she was speeding and she's really sorry about it.


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