22 November 2010

Fancy Pasta recipe

**note** The following is my favorite recipe.  Add/delete items as you see fit.

- peppers
- mushrooms
- celery
- carrots
- zucchini
- 1 small jar of tomato sauce
- 1 package pasta (any kind)
- 1 package of beef
- Italian Herb blend

To Make:
First, cook the meat in a frying pan.  As it's cooking, start boiling water.  Meanwhile, begin chopping the vegetables.  Personally, I keep the meat cooking until the veggies are all chopped.  Once it's all cooked through, I add the vegetables.  Treat the meat and veggies like a stir fry and just let it all sizzle until it's lightly toasted all around.  Meanwhile, add the pasta once the water is boiling and keep that going until pasta is tender.  Once the veggies are lightly brown, add the sauce.  Stir that around until the sauce evenly coats the veggies and meat.  Let that cook on low until the pasta is done.  Once everything is finished, I like to mix the pasta with the sauce together.  But if you're not the only one eating it, feel free to serve separately.

Serves roughly 1-3 people.  Maybe 4.  I don't know, I just know I have quite a few meals after I make this.

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