23 May 2010

Writer’s Block . . . or lack thereof


I read an interesting phrase yesterday.  While surfing around some book lists of authors I want to read, I came across the website of Jodi Picoult.  While I’ve never read anything of hers, I did surf around her site because it seemed interesting.  And because she’s said to be one of the greatest authors of the day. 


Did you know Jodi Picoult doesn’t believe in writer’s block?


I find that interesting.  And I encourage you to stop believing in writer’s block.  Even if you feel you can’t write, write anyway.  It’s better to edit something that’s horrible than completely write something else entirely.  So go ahead and write a piece of crap.  Edit, cut, revise, cut, edit --- like crazy!!  And when you’re done, the worst thing in the world will be a the prettiest diamond you’ve ever written.


Stop believing in writer’s block.  It does not exist.

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