13 June 2009


There's a quaint peninsula in my state untouched by Wal-Marts and commercialism.  There is a Piggly Wiggly, but you have to give them some credit.  This place is known for cherries, beautiful sunsets on the water (weather permitting), and more shoppes and restaurants than should be allowed.  At least five hotels in a single unincorporated town, long stretches of highway, and the occasional homemade candy shop also add to this fabulous place.

(Sunset at hotel - Day 2)

My family usually spends about a week up there.  We stay at this little resort with an outdoor heated pool that reaches six feet, a bonfire pit, boats and bikes to rent out, and a water view for every room.  Lovely place.  I love it up there, but only for so long.  Unfortunately, once you explore all the peninsula, there's not really anything to do.  Unless you do something you've never done before (like go horseback riding or see a production of the Peninsula Players - which we've never done, I might add).  

(At park in Sister Bay - Day 3)

I'm happy to be home, but I do kind of miss it.  But only a little.  You can only be cut off from society for so long before you just want to go home.  You want to visit the library to see if they actually bought anything recent while you were gone.  There's only so much shopping you can do before you want to go to a store that you actually enjoy, like Forever 21 or Target.  

(Twilit colors driving home - last day)

It's a wonderful place, don't get me wrong.  But vacations are only a small reprieve from life.  I have to admit, it's nice to see the changes that happen at home after being gone for so long.  It's like not really adjusting to life previously, but mere adapting to the changes that happened in your absence.  It's what makes coming home from college so fun.  

What is your favorite vacation spot?

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